working out what was evolving....

I've had a lot of time to think about what I was doing and gradually it all began to make sense. I realised that the materials I had chosen where telling me something and working natural patterns consolidated my thoughts.

The little felted squares are 30% man made fibre and 70% wool and are dyed with chemicals. The thread I am using is linen and also dyed with chemicals. Wool and linen are regenerative materials and the mathematical patterns are what generates our natural world. The chemicals and man made fibre are of course destructive. I began to weave a story in my head that what I was making a piece of work about how one day the human race, after doing it's best to destroy where we live, will ultimately destroy itself by making Earth uninhabitable and our planet will then get on with regenerating itself. When I got to this I stopped dead in my tracks as I have never made a piece of work in this way. I am sewing and making along side researching and this is new to me. It made me shiver and realise that your work is a part of you and will happen whatever you do, or don't do, to facilitate it. 


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