Workshop - Mixed Free Machine Embroidery and Needle Felting

This workshop has been designed for a mature textile group with people of varying levels of skill who can pick and mix and play with any of the options on offer which if offered individually are unlikely to attract sufficient to run. There will be plenty of samples on offer that can be worked from in addition to the 3 options highlighted

The first option will be on how to create a 3D object using the principles behind making coil pots.  The above  image to the left shows a piece I made in my student days but it is also a useful skill to have when adapted to make raised areas with little weight that may be attached to flat or 3D work to avoid distortion. You can of course, also make coiled pots!

The second option will be about Flat Needle Felting skills. I will bring along my samples completed with an embellisher but these can also be achieved with hand held needles which is slow but satisfying work. Many issues can be addressed such as embellishing a surface using bits and pieces of fabrics and thread, colour mixing, making a completely new surface, texturizing, layering, folding cloth and so on….

The third option will be for Beginners and Improvers in Free Machine Embroidery, those who want to get started, those not very confident, or those who just want to develop their skills a little….. There will be plenty of samples to peruse; basic skills, playing with top tension and making marks and so on can be tried out depending on your interests.

Materials List

For First and Third Option:
·         Sewing machine
·         Usual sewing kit
·         Spare machine needles
·         Good quality polyester thread e.g. Gutterman

For Third Option:
·         A wooden 8” embroidery hoop that you can screw up tightly with a screwdriver with the inner ring bound
·         A proper screwdriver
·         Calico
·         2 contrasting colours of polyester thread e.g. Gutterman
To play with:
·         Any fabrics or thread you want to experiment with, although it is probably best to avoid metallics for the moment

For First Option - 3D object using principals of making coil pots

To learn the skill:
·         Cotton string
·         To play with – don’t buy anything especially, none of this is essential, bring what you can to share:
·         A variety of threads to make your own cord to coil
·         A length of French knitted tube, any weight
·         If you have any bring nylon fishing line and/or wire, any weight
·         Any strips of fine fabric like sari silk, heavy thread or heavy wool, from your scraps bag

For Second Option – Needle Felting for Embroidery
·         Embellisher machine/Hand Needle Felting tools
·         Your usual sewing kit
·         Spare needles for whatever you are using. If you have ‘Fine’ needles bring them as these are more useful for this type of work. Don’t buy any especially, you can play with whatever you have and decide later if you want to spend the money!
·         Any fine fabric that you have in silk or cotton (natural fabrics work best but don’t buy anything, just bring what you have to try things out!
·         Your scrap bag can be an excellent source to do all sorts of things so bring this along
·         I have some cheap acrylic felt, which I will bring along where the colours are very loud. This is excellent stuff to learn about blending. If you have any bring it too but don’t buy any!
·         Any interesting threads that you might want to play with

© Molly Tufnell 2016