My Workshop Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher I believe in enabling you to do your own work so I teach skills. It is not the usual approach but with a raft of skills at your disposal the possibilities are endless. Once you have thoroughly learnt any skill you will be able to use it and subvert it in any way you choose and the more skills you learn increases the options for your work; this will be truly original to you and not a copy of what you have seen in a book, or on the wall, or shelf, of a shop or gallery. I generally use samples from my student days as examples. These show my early struggles with all my mistakes. They are notated and provide an excellent talking point on how to rectify things. Nobody gets it right first time and being faced with excellent work can be very daunting. The point is, that practice, practice and more practice is what gets things right.

I am also aware that some find it difficult to find a starting point and others may be stuck with a particular piece. Bring these concerns to the workshop where you can share and discuss them within the group. If necessary and there is time, a short individual tutorial with me may help. The more we share the more we learn and as an educator, while I am with you, my job is to give you as many tools as possible. My aim is to set you free from limitations, allowing your creativity to flow.

© Molly Tufnell 2018