STITCHING UNITS: density map IIII (2003) (moving image)


n.b. the complete works is too long to put on Blogger so here is a 6 min extract taken from the centre to give you a feel for the piece...apologies but it is the best I can do for the moment!

Here the humble dot has been substituted for a stitch as a means of indicating and abstracting, the essence of the process and rhythms that occur whilst stitching. This single unit is repeated over and over, and builds into something complex using the Fibonacci principle to dictate the timing of the introduction and disappearance of each dot. The dots have been separated into blocks of approximately twenty-five and the timing of the appearance/disappearance of each dot within a block is self-similar.

N.B. Density maps are just one of nature’s patterns and may be seen for example, in the stars at night, in a flock of birds massed in flight, or perhaps with X-ray diffraction which shows the electron clusters surrounding an atom. The Fibonacci sequence occurs by adding two adjacent numbers to form the next higher number in a sequence and is found throughout the natural world.