My Work

Researching with textiles at the edge of both the material and virtual domains, I have repeatedly found fractal and chaos patterning within textile structure, technique and rhythms, and the more I look, the more confident I have become of finding them. 

My work forms a response to the hidden structures and systems that are part of our lives. The theorization of postmodern culture uses the language of chaos, complexity and textiles and I am intensely curious about the ways in which combining these with technology and what we usually think of as textiles demonstrates connections between these ideas. Also, using technology allows me to capture aspects of textiles that are usually hidden from us, and this reflects my preoccupation with finding ways to reference and reveal that, which is just on or beyond, conscious perception. 

I use traditional textile techniques and structures to manifest my ideas – for example crochet, knitting, stitching and so on. I am interested in using materials and processes that facilitate connection or perhaps communication and have links with the technology of today. These may include using computer hard and software to create both still and moving images, photography, light, plastic polymer, non-woven fabric and various types of wire.

© Molly Tufnell 2012